Daniela Sneppova
"Waiting for the man"
video installation, 2005

The video was projected onto the floor from above a large guitar amplifier, which also functioned as the sound source for the installation. The woman dances, effectively facing the amplifier, which is the stand-in for the band. The dancing sequence shot from two stories above the dancer, when projected onto the floor, produces an impression of depth, positioning the viewer above the dancer.
The song “Waiting for the Man,” was recorded at an outdoor concert in a small town in the Czech Republic. The Czech band was singing only in English and only playing music from the USA, ca. 1960-70, mostly Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground. The two lead were ex-members of Plastic People of the Universe, a very popular and politically important underground band in Czechoslovakia during the 70’s and 80’s period of „normalization“. What was curious was that, 30 years later, they were still playing those songs. “Waiting for the Man“ is significantly different for the band and for the dancer. And viewer…