Daniela Sneppova
collaboration with Terry Billings
media installation, Paved Art and New Media, Saskatoon, 2003-2004

"Flit" is a multimedia (audio, video projection, animation, motorized rotating platforms, internet webcast) installation that investigates the power structure inherent in the relationship between humans and their natural environment. The conceptualization of nature as an object of human control and domination is explored and problematized through references to genetic engineering, science fiction narratives, and cultural myths.
These revolve around the metamorphosis of women into various animals and insects as a result of scientific experimentation or bioengineering. Ideals of scientific progress and genetic modification are implicated and questioned in this play of images. This project addresses the use of the woman’s body as a historical site of medical and scientific experimentation by creating fantastic female creatures (utilizing digital image composition, photographic and 3-D generated combinations), creatures who, in reality, would never be allowed to leave a research lab.
This project was presented as the culmination of a one year, long distance, remote collaborative residency, Wherehouse, curated by Dermot Wilson.