Daniela Sneppova
"Psi Vojaci {Dog Soldiers}"
2 channel surround sound video installation, 2007

An exploration of documentary footage shot from the stage of a day-long concert at the main palace in Prague (July 1990) celebrating the victory of Vaclav Havel who was voted in as President of a country, Czechoslovakia, newly freed from the tyranny of totalitarianism.
Now 18 years after the success of the "Velvet Revolution," the end of Soviet rule, this significant and emotionally charged moment of rebirth for a nation was forgotten. Swallowed up by history and left to markers of nostalgia, it needed to be readdressed.
Psi Vojaci (Dog Soldiers) is the name of an underground rock band of the time that was playing as Havel came out into the crowd in July 1990.