Daniela Sneppova
contact: office@danielasneppova.org


1994    M.F.A., University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, Canada


2010    I think love you, but I have chosen darkness, 3 channel video installation,    
             McIntosh Gallery, London, Ontario

2006    In Good Company, McIntosh Gallery, London, Ontario

2004    Waiting for the Man, video installation, UWO faculty and staff exhibition,
             ArtLab, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario

2005    July 9, 1990, two channel video installation with surround sound,
             curated by Wyn Geleynse at Studio 432, London, Ontario, March

2004    Condensation, site-specific video installation (alley),
             in collaboration with Wyn Geleynse, Dundas St E., London, Ontario, August 2004

             Flit, Installation collaboration with Terry Billings,
             Paved Art and New Media, Saskatoon, March-April

2002    Cas, Prostor, Laska, Svoboda [Time, Space, Love, Freedom].
             Site-specific sound installation, curated by Ivana Lomova,
             Mikulov Castle, Czech Republic

             Caska [Section] Photo/sound installation for Dilna ‘02,
             curated by Ivana Lomova, Mikulov Museum, Czech Republic. Catalogue

             Ladies! Sculpture, video projection, micro-FM radio transmission
             for 20 External v.1.0, curated by Christine Burchnall,
             Artcite, Inc. Gallery, Windsor, Ontario

             Ladies! Site-specific installation, video projection and
             micro-FM broadcast, Faculty of Science Greenhouses,
             University of Western Ontario, London Ontario

             Can U read me? 4 min. Video screened as part of film/video programme
             curated by Mark Atkins at Zoopraxiscope,
             CCCP (Cambridge Festival of Contemporary Poetry), Cambridge, UK

2001    Transposition, Video/multi-media performance, in collaboration with
             Kim Truchan, at "Body Machine" conference, Moving Pictures Festival,
             Toronto, Ontario, October

1999    A Moment in Progress. Video/sound installation for Communism Dead or Alive,
             curated by Dermot Wilson, Niagara Artist Centre, St. Catherine’s, Ontario

             Blind Ambition Video and object installation, Artscene
             (satellite space of Artcite Inc. Gallery), Windsor, Ontario

1998    Virtual Revolutions Web and CD project collaboration with
             Sera Ferneaux (England) and Nivez Kreuh (Slovenia), prototype presented at
             ISEA (Inter-Society for Electronic Arts)

1996    Random Memory, installation, White Water Gallery, North Bay, Ontario

             20 minutes of water, performance, Meridean Crossing,
             Plasy Cloister, Czech Republic

1995    Violet Responded, performance, The Old Town Hall, Prague, Czech Republic

             Violet, performance, Libenska Synagoze na Palmovce, Prague, Czech Republic

             Skinned, performance, Stermberk International Art Symposium,
             Stermberk, Czech Republic

Curatorial Projects

2011    Upcoming: "Samizdat: The Materiality of Czech Resistance 1969-1989,"
             Bohemian National Hall, The Czech Centre, New York, USA
             Opening Nov. 4, 2011

2009    Song Show, Oct 29-Nov. 21, 2009, collaboration with
             Kathleen Pirrie Adams, Artlab, UWO, London, Ontario

2004    Block Party, 2 programs for outdoor public screenings.
             19 independently-produced Canadian short films and videos,
             Western Fair grounds, London, Ontario

1997    SPRAWL, Mercer Union, Toronto, Ontario
             Co-curator with Sylvie Fortin, Richard Hill and
             David Merritt of a public exhibition for Mercer Union, Toronto.

Catalogues and bookworks

Flit Catalogue for exhibition, essays by Sheila Butler and Alison Hearn, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: Paved Art and New Media, 2009.

Landschaft. Exhibition catalogue essay for Landscape Stories Chatham, Ontario: Chatham Gallery touring exhibition, Chatham, Ontario, 2007.

Dilna Catalogue for residency and exhibition, Mikulov, Czech Republic, 2003

Subterranean Tours, Plasy book of portraits documenting performance, artist book published, 2003

"Trans-mute." Ephemera: Critical Dialogues on Organization Volume 3, Number 4. Article and interactive multi-media project for on-line journal, “Silent Sounds” issue, November 2003, University of Warwick, UK. http://www.ephemeraweb.org/journal/3-4/3-4sneppova.htm

Palmovka: Sbornik Synagogy na Palmovce, Vol. I, 1996. Catalogue of performances, Prague 1996 Meridian Crossings Catalogue for Hermit V Metamedia Symposium, Prague 1995

Artwork Published

Photographs published for cover of book, Travels in Wonderland by Ulla Ryghe (Ingmar Bergman's film editor in the fifties/sixties) Montreal: Conundrum Press, 2008.

"As Good as it Gets", Featured Artist, Photo spread, Matrix Magazine # 78, (Montreal) 2007.


2009    60’ Under, video projection 8 minute, underwater world.

             Vamps, video loop, 12 minutes for installation with video Orlav, 12 minutes

2007    Viva La Vida, video 9 min. collaboration with poets,
             Penn Kemp and Gloria Alvarez

2006    Idolette, documentary, 24 min. video screened at Kenny’s Castaway’s,
             live performance venue, Greenwich Village, New York City, New York, February

2006    Psi Vojaci[Dog Soldiers], 5 min, surround sound video for installation.

             Vecernicek[Little evening person], 4 min, sound, video for installation.

             Butt.erfly, video loop, 3 minutes, third in the “In.Sex” series
             which includes BeeGrrl and Ladies!).

2004    Condensation, collaboration with Wyn Geleynse,
             video loop for installation, 4 minutes.

             Transmutation1 and 2, video loops for installation ("Flit"),
             in collaboration with Terry Billings, 12 minutes each.

             Branching, video loop for installation ("Flit"),
             in collaboration with Terry Billings, 10 minutes.

             Waiting for the Man, video loop for installation, 5 minutes.

             Revival, music video, Director of Photography and Editor,
             for HooHaa Productions, 5 minutes. Video screened at
             London Lesbian Film Festival, Ontario

2003    Translation, video for performance projection, 14 minutes.

2002    Ladies!, video loop for installation, 4 minutes.

             Can U read me?, single channel video, 6 minutes.
             Video screened as part of film/video programme at Zoopraxiscope,
             CCCP (Cambridge Festival of Contemporary Poetry), UK

2001    Transposition, video for performance projection, 10 minutes.

1999    Subterranean Tourists, single channel video, 9 minutes.

             Blind Ambition, video loop for installation, 4 minutes.

1998    The end of it all, 16mm film loop for Random Memory installation, 3 minutes.

             Killer Rabbit, video for performance projection, in collaboration with
             Kim Truchan, 14 minutes.

1997    D.O.A.I., video for performance projection, in collaboration with Kim Truchan

1996    Flesh-O-Tech, video for performance projection, in collaboration with Kim Truchan

On-Line Works – website: www.danielasneppova.org

2005    Cas Laska Prostor Svoboda [Time Love Space Freedom]

2003    Trans-mute http://www.ephemeraweb.org/journal/3-4/3-4sneppova.htm


             Visiting Artist/ Researcher, Virtual Environment Technologies Centre
             Research Park, London, Ontario.

2004    Wherehouse, Experimental Virtual New Media residency at Paved Art and
             New Media in Saskatoon (June 2003-June 2004). Included participation in
             virtual round tables, development of on-line software allowing artists
             (who have never met in person) to collaborate in a 3-dimensional,
              virtual, on-line environment for the development of projects for exhibition in
             "real" world venues. Culminated in the development of 2 collaborative
             installations with Terry Billings (Flit), curated by Dermot Wilson.

2002    Dilna. International artist residency curated by Ivana Lomova,
             Mikulov Castle, Mikulov, Czech Republic. (catalogue)

1998    Polar Circuit, International New Media Artist residency curated by
             Tapio Makela, Tornio, Finland.

1995    Hermit V, International Artist residency and symposium organized by
             Milos Vojtechovsky. Group of 7 Canadian artists curated by Catherine Crowston,
             Plasy Cloister, Plasy, Czech Republic. (catalogue)


2010    Hatch, Harbourfront Studio Theatre Residency for Mrtvolka,
             Multi-media performance, Toronto, Ontario

2009    Poetry Projections, Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto,
             production grant, Toronto, Ontario

             Ontario Arts Council Project Grant, "SongShow", curatorial project
             in collaboration with Kathleen Pirrie Adams.

             Research grant, "SongShow", Research Western,
             University of Western Ontario, London, ON.

2006    International Research Grant, UWO,
             "Samizdat Materiality: Czechoslovakia 1969-1989"

             Canarie and Department of Canadian Heritage, ARIM-e program
             (Applied Research in Interactive Media), matching funds for research
             for Wherehouse project, facilitated by Paved Art and New Media, Saskatoon.
             Funding for "Flit" collaboration with Terry Billings curated by Dermot Wilson.

Conference Presentations, recent

2010    "When dreams do come true," Conference on "the Image",
             UCLA, USA, Dec. 2010

             "The Materiality of Dreams: Who Wants to Kill Jessie?"
             SIAF, Sydney International Animation Festival, Australia.

Related Employment

Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Information and Media Studies, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada, Current

Freelance Media Design, print and web design for arts-related projects, including Fuse Magazine, Moving Pictures Festival (Toronto), Images Festival (Toronto), 1996-2006

Festival Coordinator, Northern Visions, The Images Festival of Independent Film and Video, Toronto, 1996-1999

Freelance Translator, Czech to English translation of arts related texts, catalogues, including publications for the SOROS Foundation, Prague, Czech Republic, 1996


2005    Canada Council, Jury for Emerging Artist Grants, Ottawa, June 2005

2001    Digital Body, Consultant for a conference on the body and technology,
             part of the Moving Pictures Festival, Toronto, 2001.

2000    Media City Festival of Independent Film and Video,
             International Jury Member, Windsor, Ontario. February 2000.